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Rigging and Curtain Tracks

Rigging is the term used to describe the hanging of drapery and other objects above a stage or an auditorium. Travelers and often legs or other masking curtains are rigged on tracks to allow versatility in their use. Other masking curtains are hung from overhead pipes. Sometimes curtains are tacked directly to a wall. The method of rigging is individual to each facility and the method of top finish for your stage curtains is directly affected by this.

Due to safety of both performers and audience, rigging is very important and you should hire qualified riggers to install your equipment,  if you don't already have some on staff. We at Stage Dec are affiliated with the best riggers in the industry and would be happy to give you a referral. 

There are several types of curtain tracks available. Your choice is contingent upon your needs. Some tracks are designed to hold heavier curtain and some tracks can be curved to encircle your space. Some are drawn by rope and others are “Walk-a-Long.”


Click here for information on selecting a track.


If you need more assistance, please give us a call and we can help you choose the track that is right for you.

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