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Front Setting


The front setting is the most visible of all the stage drapery in your space. It is usually made from a heavier weighted fabric and is color coordinated with the interior of the facility. Acting as a “frame” for the stage, it usually consists of a front curtain and a valance.
With some specialty front curtains, however, a valance is not used.

Front Curtain: Arguably, the most important curtain in your facility. It is the largest, most visible curtain. Before the performance and during an intermission, the front setting is all that is visible of the stage for the audience. Typically, the front curtain is a bi-parting traveler. Other types are Lift, Tableau, Austrian (or Braille) and Venetian (or Contour). These types are typically more expensive due to the increased amount of fabric and labor that goes into creating them.


Other names for Front Curtain: Main Curtain, Grand Drape, Main Rag, Act Curtain


Main Valance: This is the horizontal curtain across the top of the front setting which completes the “frame.” It masks the overhead structure of the playing space. It matches the front curtain, both in fabric and construction.

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Masking Drapery

Border: Like the main valance, curtain usually hung across the top of a stage to hide the upper portion of the stage including rigging and ceiling.


Other names for Border: Teaser, Valance, Horizontal Masking

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Leg: a curtain usually hung on the side of a stage to hide the wings or the offstage portion of the stage.


Other names for Leg: Tormentor, Side Panel, Vertical Masking, Tab

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Other Drapery

Cyclorama: A large curtain that either masks the back portion of the stage or is curved in order to help create the illusion of sky.


Other names for Cyclorama: Cyc, Sky Drop, Back Drop

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Scrim: A Specialty curtain in which the fabric used is woven with small holes in it (almost like a net). When the curtain is lit from the front it is opaque but when lit from behind the fabric becomes transparent. It is excellent for “dream” sequences or reveals.


Other names: Sharkstooth Scrim

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